Here you can find instructions on how you can set the sensitivity of the opto sensors in the Medieval Madness Catapult LED mod.


Important! Follow these instructions only when you experience sensitivity problems, e.g. the mod flashes continuously, or does not sense the ball each time it should.

You don't need to remove the board from the machine, just lift the playfield so you can access the lower end of the mod board.

This is the photo of the power & opto section of the board, the picture is upside down as you see in your machine when installed. The sensitivity trimmer (variable resistor) is located just above the 4 pin opto header:

You can turn the "wheel" of the trimmer with a small (1/16") flat screwdriver. Please note the small arrow on the wheel, on the following pictures you see where it should point to achieve the desired sensitivity.


Average sensitivity (factory setting):


Lowest sensitivity:


Highest sensitivity:


If you still experience sensitivity problems, don't hesitate to contact us.